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Extending the power of FEA by accurate loading knowledge. Wolf Star Technologies is committed to helping our clients and customers realize their product...

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Company address: 3321 N NEWHALL ST 53211-3045 MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE WI, USA

Website: http://wolfstartech.com/

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Extending the power of FEA by accurate loading knowledge. 

Wolf Star Technologies is committed to helping our clients and customers realize their product development goals by leveraging the strengths of FEA. Wolf Star Technologies offers consulting services to assist with delivering decision ready solutions for our clients' projects. The truly unique offerings from Wolf Star Technologies are the software solutions integrated directly into the Abaqus/CAE environment. These solutions are available nowhere else in the FEA industry which ultimately leverages our customers' investment in Abaqus/CAE.

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True-QSE creates Quasi-Static Events that link FEA results (e.g. ODB frames) to user defined scaling functions. This facilitates performing linear superposition of FEA results to create interactive output. The user can quickly generate nodal and elemental based functions of the superimposed field results. The user can easily store full-field output on a subset of the time domain of the event into an ODB file.  The True-QSE™ Quasi-Static Event is easily exported to FEA based fatigue software for performing durability calculations.



True-Load turns any structure into its own load transducer. By supplying a set of unit loads to True-Load, the ideal locations for strain gauges will be determined. The strain gauge placement can be refined through a variety of interactive tools. Once strain data has been collected at the strain gauge locations determined by True-Load, load scaling functions will be generated. Typical strain correlation will be within 2% of the measured values. True-Load outputs a True-QSE™ event so that the entire model can be easily explored. This leverages the data from a handful of strain gauges to understand the structural response of the entire model. Note: True-QSE is included with every license of True-Load. This type of loading data is critical to performing accurate fatigue calculations. True-Load has a direct interface to fe-safe® fatigue software. This makes performing full-field fatigue analysis extremely easy.

True-Load continues to lead the industry with one of a kind capabilities such as sliding load calculation and support for hybrid loading.

True-LDE™ (Linear Dynamics Response)

True-LDE will allow the user to quickly and easily post-process *MODAL DYNAMICS, *STEADY STATE DYNAMIC and *RANDOM RESPONSE steps. The user can interactively probe the model for nodal and elemental field results. Like True-QSE™, True-LDE™ can generate full-field results for a subset of the time domain of the event and store them into a new ODB file. There are tools to easily filter modes through % modal mass or the amplitude of the generalized displacement. Tasks that would normally takes hours in Abaqus can be performed in minutes the True-LDE™.  Benchmarks have shown that True-LDE will speed up the Abaqus linear dynamic solutions by over 90%.  True-LDE™ like all Wolf Star products has a direct interface to fe-safe® fatigue software.  True-LDE™ transforms the frequency and random PSD domain solves into time domain for performing fatigue analysis with fe-safe®.  This makes performing full-field fatigue analysis a natural part of FEA analysis.





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