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Phone : (032)016402300
Fax : (032)016402400
Web : http://www.femtools.com/

Company Description

Dynamic Design Solutions ("DDS") is an independent and privately owned developer of CAE software tools for validating simulation models, optimizing engineering designs and integrating and automating simulation processes.

Dynamic Design Solutions is a technology leader in Finite Element (FE) model updating using static or dynamic reference test data. We service a wide spectrum of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, manufacturing, power, sports and education. Many prestigious companies and institutions have relied on our unique and proven technologies combined with the best possible support and technical expertise by a dedicated team of specialists.

Software Partnership

SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

Finite element models need to be validated to increase confidence in the results. This can be done by comparison with data from experimental testing. The FEMtools software provides Abaqus users with a complete and easy to use solution that is compatible with Abaqus file formats and Abaqus solver.

FEMtools interfaced to Abaqus, imports and exports FEM data and imports element matrices, mode shapes, and frequency response analysis results. The supported file formats are  the Abaqus input file,  FIL, ODB and SIM.