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Company Description

  • Magna, Engineering Center in St. Valentin is an internationally acknowledged engineering supplier. Latest development methods and testing facilities enable short development periods and highlights the ECS as a full-service provider. Passenger car, Commercial vehicle and off-road OEMs use the innovation power of ECS to work together on the vehicles of the future.
  • Development and sales of software tools like
    • FEMFAT           … Fatigue life prediction
    • FEMFAT LAB    … Test data analysis and preparation
    • KULI                 … Vehicle thermal management
    • MAMBA            … Nonlinear joints for multi-body simulations
    • and several others
    • Fatigue laboratory for complete vehicles, modules and components
    • 24 engine- and 5 machine drive train test benches
    • Acoustics roller test bench
    • Electric motor testing and tuning facilities
    • Company owns on/off-road proving ground.


Software Partnership

SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

FEMFAT is a solver for fatigue life prediction based on Finite Element results (stresses, strains, temperatures). FEMFAT provides a complete ABAQUS odb interface (also the predecessor format fil) for import of FE-structure and FE-results, and export of fatigue-results. All FEMFAT results can be fully visualized with the ABAQUS Viewer. Import of stresses and strains is supported for any kind of FE-analysis (linear, non-linear, quasi-static, inertial relief, dynamic, modal, transient). Combinations of stresses and strains can be defined very flexibly by lists of step and increment IDs, time ranges, ranges of steps and increments, etc. Further information can be found at