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GRM Consulting Ltd, headquartered in Warwickshire, UK, is a software and engineering consultancy company. Established in 2003, GRM develops and distributes Finite Element Analysis based optimization software solutions, based upon the leading optimization solver VR&D GENESIS. Through applying its advanced optimization skillsets to consultancy activities, GRM understands the need to develop design optimization solutions that can be applied quickly and easily in the design & development environment. One such example is the development of the composite laminate optimization pre-processor, OptiAssist, which provides a complete analysis, design understanding and optimization environment for the composite design engineer.

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Value Proposition

Building on the advanced optimization capabilities of VR&D Genesis, GRM provides an integrated design optimization environment, allowing coupled optimization to the advanced non-linear analysis capabilities of Abaqus.  The product is available as a complete solution or as the following key modules:

  • TruForm - Topology Optimisation for Abaqus
  • Abaqus Translator - Direct translation of Abaqus keyword data into Genesis format, enabling Abaqus users to perform SOL200 style optimization for panel gauge, shape and composites.
  • OptiAssist for Abaqus - Ply shape and laminate optimizaation for Abaqus/Standard composite simulation.

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