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ESTECO is an independent technology provider delivering first-class software solutions aimed at perfecting the simulation-driven design process. With more...

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Company name: ESTECO SPA


Website: http://www.esteco.com

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ESTECO is an independent technology provider delivering first-class software solutions aimed at perfecting the simulation-driven design process. With more than 15 years’ experience, the company supports leading organizations in designing the products of the future, today.

ESTECO smart engineering suite brings enterprise-wide solutions for design optimization, simulation data management and process integration and automation.

Being at the forefront of innovation today means taking a holistic perspective when looking at the design process and embrace agile engineering practices. The ESTECO technology addresses the entire design workflow: by orchestrating best-in-class simulation tools, it streamlines design iterations and lead engineers to new, enhanced solutions. Top industry players are reorganizing internally to keep pace with the rapidly changing engineering practices and are moving towards fast-paced, shared, multi-domain and system-oriented design processes. ESTECO mission is helping companies excel across this innovation journey by providing them with leading-edge technology to master engineering complexity and accomplish the shift to agile product development.


Over 300 international organizations have chosen ESTECO to consolidate specialized expertise, streamline teamwork and boost product development across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Trieste (Italy), with offices in Michigan (USA) and Pune (India) and an international network of channel partners.

The company leading solutions inspires decision making and accelerates product innovation by enabling multidisciplinary engineering practices and allocating competence and software resources where needed.


VOLTA is a web-based, collaboration environment that orchestrates enterprise simulation data and multidisciplinary business processes, enabling conscious decision-making and innovative product development. ​VOLTA helps manage all cross-functional concurrent design steps by integrating multiple modeling formats. Its service-oriented architecture facilitates the execution, sharing and reuse of enterprise engineering knowledge.​

modeFRONTIER is a comprehensive multidisciplinary and multiobjective optimization solution. Its innovative algorithms and effective integration with leading simulation tools ease the engineering process. In numerous industries, modeFRONTIER has become essential for increasing the understanding of cost/performance factors and reducing product development time.

Since its foundation as a university spin-off, ESTECO has contributed in several funded research projects and has established a close relationship with the academic world. Professors around the world use the modeFRONTIER optimization platform to teach students how to approach real world multidisciplinary engineering problems. The ESTECO Academy program offers special licenses, dedicated training sessions and material with the aim of helping students get a first-hand experience of a professional optimization tool and consequently improve their research works using.

Partner Highlights

Abaqus is integrated with modeFRONTIER (http://www.esteco.com/home/mode_frontier/Integration/ABAQUS_node.html) as a direct interface node. In this modular environment, the users can easily define a workflow linking together different modules that represent the ‘bricks’ of the optimization problem: design variables, file templates, CAE nodes, specified outputs, as well as optimization objectives and constraints.

After having selected an available Optimization Algorithm or Design of Experiments, the sequence of needed design configurations is run automatically, until the specified objectives are satisfied, or the designs database is filled for Statistical Analysis or Response Surface, using the available modeFRONTIER post-processing tools.

In this scenario, Abaqus users can easily define the rules to parameterize the macro script used for the automatic Abaqus simulations, while the direct interface is used to automatically parse the .odb output file, extracting the required outputs from the available list. The introspection of the output file is performed automatically by the Abaqus direct node available in modeFRONTIER workflow through dedicated API interfaces, that allow the direct parsing of any defined output parameter, including scalar quantities or vector components, region filters or node/element sets.

ESTECO believes that cooperation is essential to effectively respond to customers' needs, and to develop and maintain a state-of-the-art industrial technology, fully integrated with commercial and proprietary parametric software. Here are some success stories with Abaqus please






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