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Company description

Get results. Coastal Logic delivers.

Coastal Logic empowers downstream design and production processes with engineering, compliance and communication tools that easily integrate into product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise content management (ECM) systems.

Coastal Logic software delivers powerful file formation authentication, conversion, and stamping. We offer out-of-the-box batch printingand PDF rendering integrationsthat are specifically integrated with the Dassault Systemes ENOVIA/MatrixOne platform.

Our value is simple.Coastal Logic products ensure your team’s regulatory compliance and accelerates your company’s profitability. Our products are proven.Coastal Logic products are deployed by Fortune 500 companies and thousands more worldwide who rely on us to improve efficiency, as we have for over a decade.

Coastal Logic supports digitized and digital-transitioning businesses through a broad platform of CAD-support products. Our solutions span 2D designs and model-based designs with stunning 3D capabilities. The Coastal Logic platform handles the data portability of any file with point-and-click simplicity. We empower you to implement the right layer of compliance at the right time, with the right approvals—all within your PLM system.


Coastal Logic’s convertLogic renders over 100 file types into text-searchable PDFs or a variety of other formats. Such simplicity translates to easy compliance, reduced time to market and all the fiscal value of a highly efficient workflow process.

Another of the many features of ConvertLogic is document control. It’s today’s best practice that documents show relationship; the information behind the information. Coastal Logic brilliantly locks in immutable content, history, and trackable data into every document via metadata stamping.


printLogic’s one-click batch printing lets you print documents on the fly and make document revisions without rebuilding the entire print project. Whether printing functioning circuits from your office inkjet, or blueprints and manuscripts across the globe, printLogic is not only intuitive, but the workhorse you need to meet print deadlines.


queLogic delivers function on demand created specifically for you. An all-in-one mix of Coastal Logic products, using a tool kit approach, lets you work with ERP, ECM, PLMs, and more. Add needed features as your department or company grows.

Additional Components

Native file refresh is a powerful tool reducing a product’s time to market by accelerating the approval process. Engineers, designers and others spend hours modifying drawings every day. Changes to title blocks and custom tables are typically manual, which is even more costly and prone to error. Coastal Logic automates this process by giving real-time prompts that automate and instruct the workflow process.

The new CL 3Dconversion tool is a game-changer. Users will experience an automated authoring approach to facilitate the product structure of PMI, and GD&T from your PLM/PDM based input.  Create and manage a custom 3D PDF template and interactively manage 3D PDF’s from your CAD systems.  Access to detailed model-based data accelerates a rapid and seamless product delivery.  

Digital signature with certificate management:  Having the right approvals, at the right time, in the right sequence, are pivotal to an organizations’ self-preservation.  Certify your designs by ensuring their authenticity. Our centralized platform allows you to manage, deploy, and monitor your organizations’ certificates intuitively and effectively.  


CAD-to-CAD drawing conversions are essential for organizations with multiple CAD systems (CATIA V5, Solidworks, CREO, Inventor, AutoCAD, NX) looking to consolidate to one system. Coastal Logic Services lets you automate this timely and costly process further empowering your PLM. Software agnostic means maximum versatility.

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Value Proposition

Our VALUE model

Coastal Logic

Our value is simple.Our products build profitability for all industries including aerospace, construction, energy, industrial, and life sciences. Most of Coastal Logic's portfolio have been onboard with us from our start in 2002. We are dedicated to earning their business with products and innovations that improve their profitability.

We have helped customers worldwide streamline various business processes to expedite their go-to-market strategies: 

Automate business processes within the ENOVIA interface:

  • Regulatory submissions (e.g. FDA)
  • Supplier packages
  • BOM management/automation
  • Service/Maintenance (MRO)
  • Cover letters
  • Classification/bookmark (Library) integration
  • RFP/RFI, client proposals, RFQs 
  • Contracts management processes
  • Drug patent submissions
  • Briefing books
  • Document archiving, long-term archival (e.g. PDF/A)
  • Records management
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Online content
  • Scanned images to searchable content
  • eDiscovery documentation
  • Customer correspondence (e.g. project status)
  • Supplier communications (e.g. normalize incoming documents/CAD drawings)
  • Document approval/collaboration
  • Quality management program documentation (e.g. SOP)

Coastal Logic works with all Dassault brands

Service maintenance requirements, barcoding prosthetic knees, contracts management processes, shop floor documentation, CAD drawing migrations, approval processes, SOP management—Coastal Logic solutions make business processes more efficient and maximizes your Dassault Systemes investment. 

Our values

Coastal Logic automates the collection, conversion, compliance, and publishing of complex documents. We realize that reducing paper use is a worldwide effort and proudly support paper reduction through our batch printing process for PLM and ECM platforms. Our products are the only fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution for Dassault users.

Capitalizing on your PLM / ECM investment is simple with Coastal Logic’s off-the-shelf, simple-to-use software across all versions of Dassault products.

PLM and ECM communities include the most intelligent people working to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Coastal Logic is proud to provide products, support and services that aid in this endeavor. Need an automation or service that you don’t see in our offering? Let us know. We would be delighted to discuss building it for you. Call today for a consultation.


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