Intelligently Creating Secure Traceable Digital Assets in 3DEXPERIENCE with the Qore8 Communicator for ENOVIA.Qore8 helps automate ENOVIA business processes...

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Company name: QORE8

Company address: 6500 RIVER PLACE BLVD BLDG 7 78730-1119 AUSTIN TRAVIS TX, USA

Website: https://qore8.com/

Partner Overview

Intelligently Creating Secure Traceable Digital Assets in 3DEXPERIENCE with the Qore8 Communicator for ENOVIA.

Qore8 helps automate ENOVIA business processes by using triggers to launch various workflows, based on change action events during different lifecycle stages.  We do this OOTB within 3DEXPERIENCE.

Our customers leverage metadata without limits by stamping for regulatory requirements.   Add virtually any data or file as a permanent meta stamp to your document. Marking your designs at each lifecycle state and upon modification of specific attributes will protect intellectual property, prevent version erosion, and satisfy legal and export compliance regulations.

Ensure there is clear communication with Custom Cover Letters. This feature allows users to build custom cover sheets for digital or electronic signatures and captures a full audit trail of information.  This capability is fully configurable.

We are the official CAA partner providing an OOTB integration into Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE, ENOVIA and SOLIDWORKS for PDF stamping, watermarking and signing.

We have worked with Fortune 1000 companies around the Globe.

Partner Highlights

The Qore8 Communicator for ENOVIA provides OOTB integrations into 3DEXPERIENCE, ENOVIA, SOLIDWORKS and QUC for all industries including Aerospace and Defense, Construction, Life Sciences, Energy, Industrial, Manufacturing and Automotive.

Life Sciences and QUC integration allows for easy document transformation into PDF, with the correct regulatory and compliance stamps and watermarking on documents and drawings compliant with 21CFR Part 11.

The Qore8 Communicator for ENOVIA helps automate the following business processes:

●       Regulatory submissions (e.g. FDA)

●       Supplier packages

●       Technical packages

●       Bill of Materials (BOM) management/automation

●       Service/Maintenance (MRO)

●       Custom Document Creator - ie cover letters for customers with information around who signed, when and where for audit purposes

●       Classification/bookmark (Library) integration

●       RFP/RFI, client proposals, RFQs for bulk conversion and merging of documents

●       Contracts management processes

●       Drug patent submissions

●       Briefing books for board meetings

●       Document archiving, long-term archival (e.g. PDF/A)

●       Insurance claims processing

●       Online content

●       Scanned images to searchable content

●       eDiscovery documentation

●       Customer correspondence (e.g. project status)

●       Supplier communications (e.g. normalize incoming documents/CAD drawings)

●       Document approval/collaboration

●       Quality management program documentation (e.g. SOP)

Simple to Use:

●       Point-and-click interface

●       Modularized to fit your needs 

●       Fast and reliable 

●       Supports all versions of ENOVIA and QUC as Dassault’s CAA Partner

●       Out-of-the-box integration 

Standard Features:

●       Conversions of any file type

●       PDF/A Conversions 

●       OCR Technology 

●       Multi - document merging 

●       On-Demand Feature 

●       PDF Navigation Features

●       Secure Dynamic Stamping

●       Object part change automation

●       Bulk Enterprise Printing

●       Custom Document Creator 

●       QUC Integration

Additional Features:

●       3D PDF

●       Multi-CAD Capabilities

●       Automatic Title Block Refresh with any changes

●       Signatures w/PKI Infrastructure

Qore8 works with all Dassault brands

Our values

Qore8 automates the collection, conversion, compliance, and publishing of complex documents. We realize that reducing paper use is a worldwide effort and proudly support paper reduction through our batch printing process for PLM and ECM platforms. We are the only fully integrated OOTB PDF, watermarking, stamping solution provided by a CAA partner for 3DEXPERIENCE users.

Capitalizing on your PLM / ECM investment is simple with Qore8’s off-the-shelf, simple-to-use software across all versions of Dassault products.




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