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Materialise is headquartered in Belgium and has nearly 1000 employees throughout its global locations.  Materialise has been playing an active role in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) since 1990 and has the largest capacity of AM equipment in Europe. In addition, Materialise is known for providing innovative software solutions for the AM, surgical/clinical and biomedical engineering fields. With the largest development team in the sector the Mimics Innovation Suite  is constantly improving to meet your needs! We strive to be a trusted partner and the 'innovators you can count on' for all of your biomedical R&D efforts.

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The Mimics Innovation Suite ( is a powerful software suite that makes it easy to use imaging data to create accurate 3D models for FEA analysis. Thanks to the seamless integration of the suite's software packages (Mimics and 3-matic), preprocessing your image-based 3D files for FEA analysis has never been easier.

Mimics is a medical image processing software that allows you to process/edit your 2D image data and construct 3D models with the utmost accuracy. Mimics enables you to perform a variety of measuring and engineering operations directly on 3D patient data and export to a wide range of output formats and engineering applications.

You can then perform a variety of design and meshing operations directly on the anatomical data in 3-matic ; our dedicated anatomical CAD and meshing software. You can optimize the surface mesh, generate a volume mesh, define surfaces for boundary conditions and assign material properties based on the gray values from the original image data. The meshing tools prepare your files for truly realistic simulations! You can also export your data as an IGES file or directly into all major CAE packages. In addition, 3-matic is a design tool used for patient-specific implants or interventions.

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