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Bodie Technology Inc. specializes in software Kornucopia®, customized training, and expert consulting services focused on solving complex problems in the field of nonlinear mechanics, especially those involving problematic or noisy datasets. Our technology makes all sorts of calculations and data analysis accurate, fast and accessible by more people.

Bodie Tech's technology enables you to: 

  • Process transient simulation results from FE tools such as Abaqus and others 
  • Efficiently process experimental data from a broad range of sources and units 
  • Effectively clean-up nonlinear data (regularizing, trimming, tweaking, smoothing, and averaging)
  • Confidently use DSP technology (FFT, DFS, PSD, FRF, filtering, decimating, ...)
  • Easily create reusable presentation-ready graphs with Kornucopia's automated features
  • Obtain expert guidance for your difficult nonlinear problem
Software Partnership

SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

Kornucopia® ML™
Kornucopia contains a unique suite of tools that many Abaqus users will find beneficial for the analysis of complex, nonlinear data. Kornucopia is a toolbox that runs in the MATLAB® environment. Users in experimental, test, research, and simulation environments generate high volumes of messy/noisy, meta-info rich data. Kornucopia ML's tools are designed to improve speed, precision and effectiveness in the organization and analysis of real-world data.

  • Kornucopia® ML™ utilizes a general-purpose Units Engine and added artificial intelligence to allow users to easily work with their data, its units (including mixed units) and descriptive meta-information in one seamless workflow. 
  • Kornucopia® ML™ contains over 100 functions covering features ranging from trimming and tweaking realistic data curves to computing an average curve from multiple data curves to user-friendly DSP functions for doing Fourier analysis, filtering, SRS calculations, decimation, smoothing, etc. 
  • Abaqus users can easily import data directly from their ODB output files into automatically labeled Kornucopia tables that are then ready for advanced data analysis. Users can even export results from their Kornucopia analysis results back into a Viewer session to create linked animation plots of their models and analyzed data. 
  • Kornucopia® ML™ is designed to be used by a broad cross-section of engineers across various disciplines of engineering and science. 
    • Experimentalists, Test engineers, Finite Element analysts, researchers, and design engineers.