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ATA Engineering is a provider of analysis and test-driven design solutions focusing on the engineering needs of major manufacturers in addressing their...

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ATA Engineering is a provider of analysis and test-driven design solutions focusing on the engineering needs of major manufacturers in addressing their cost, quality, and time-to-market engineering challenges. We use advanced computer-aided engineering software to solve problems for customers in the aerospace, themed entertainment, and consumer products industries.

ATA is recognized as a leader in the development of innovative test and analysis methods for aerospace and defense structures. We are a pioneer in the application of flexible multi-body dynamics and fluid structure interaction (FSI) using Abaqus to solve the most challenging aerospace design issues.

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COMPAS is an analysis tool used to optimize material characterization test programs and characterize novel and advanced engineering materials, ultimately reducing costs and schedule of bringing highly engineered products to market. COMPAS provides the means for determining the value of any given test within a full material characterization test matrix, accurately simulating linear and nonlinear material responses accounting for stochastic effects, predicting full property sets from limited data, and modeling multiscale thermomechanical behavior. COMPAS is deployed as an Abaqus plug-in, where Abaqus plug-ins execute Abaqus scripting interface and Abaqus graphical user interface (GUI) commands and provide a way to customize user interaction with Abaqus/CAE. COMPAS is modular in design and made up of different process flows, with each process flow having associated modules that guide the user through the specified analysis process. COMPAS started as a composite material tool but is now being extended to include additively manufactured materials.  COMPAS has also be utilized as part of the multi-physics tools developed by ATA to simulate structural, thermal, fluid, and ablation in modeling of hypersonic vehicles. 

IMAT is a suite of utilities offered by ATA that facilitates data sharing between MATLAB, test software, and analysis tools including Abaqus. The IMAT Toolbox provides a framework for easily importing FEA simulation data and measured test data into the MATLAB environment to access its versatile programming and mathematical strengths. Powerful and complex operations may be performed on the data while preserving all of its Abaqus data descriptive attributes so it can be imported back into Abaqus after manipulation in IMAT.

Attune is stand-alone highly automated test-analysis correlation and model updating software tool which combines more than 30 years of experience in this field into a user-friendly, flexible, MATLAB-based toolkit. By automating the correlation process and providing a suite of leading edge optimization tools, Attune provides the user with a powerful, efficient method of automatically generating accurate test-verified finite element models. After correlation, Attune exports ready-to-run Abaqus input decks of optimized analysis models.

PressMap is a pressure data interpolator that maps data between dissimilar meshes on a CFD model to an Abaqus fe model. PressMap takes data on discrete points over the surface of a structure and maps this data onto a structural model. The geometry of the structural model is used to determine how the interpolation of the data is to be performed.



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