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Company Description

CEI develops the EnSight post-processing and visualization software for Abaqus and other CAE simulation tools. Over 500 companies including GE, Honda, NASA, and ExxonMobil use EnSight for their post-processing needs. 

Software Partnership

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Value Proposition

EnSight directly reads the .ODB and older .FIL files from Abaqus.  It can visualize and post-process up to 32 Abaqus models at the same time.  It can also visualize and post-process Abaqus models and other CAE solver models for comparison sake, or for coupled CFD-Abaqus models, or for other multi-physics applications.  In addition, EnSight can export out 3D models in several 3D formats that can be embedded in PowerPoint, Word and other applications to support reports and collaboration.  Some of those viewer tools are free.  Finally, EnSight can do all this in batch, so that your post-processing can be completely automated.  If you like you can extend EnSight capabilities using the included Python scripting and object API.

Key features/benefits:
*Advanced 3D visualization and post-processing
*Advanced animation including exploded views, fly-thru, and camera-controlled animation
*Support for all major FEA and CFD codes including internal codes
*Support for Mac, Windows, and Linux
*Support for very large models
*Strong support for transient models
*Unique support for Multi-physics models
*Support for remote visualization
*Support for virtual reality (VR) facilities
*Support for stereo display (3D goggles for example)
*Volume Rendering to peer into 3D models
*Include Test Animations into your 3D model visualization
*Python Scripting to enable custom capabilities
*Extensive calculator with hundreds of engineering functions
*Experiment with failure criteria using Element Blanking functionality

For further information please view the CEI Website