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Since 2000, Apex Turbine Testing Technologies has been providing products and services that benefit readiness and reliability of our military as well as increasing safety and affordability for the flying public.  Our passion is turbomachinery testing and we have been steadily working to improve this complex discipline through innovative application of new technologies and ever-improving software development.  Nearly all APEX products have their origins in solving real-world problems in high value test programs where schedule and quality requirements are often in conflict.  We help address the problem of doing more in less time. The industry today is generating more data than ever as new products are constantly being developed and refined.  Making sense of “big-data” is becoming more and more of an issue every day.  We’ve been dealing with “big-data” since our inception with products that sift through large dynamic data archives and find important responses.  We’ve moved much of our know-how to the real time environment where we help guide critical test decisions and get a head-start on the final analysis.


We are proud to partner with our customers to make their products better and to use our know-how to streamline their development process.  If you are already an APEX customer, thank you for your trust and your business.  If you are looking for a new supplier for your turbomachinery test and analysis application, all we ask is that you give us an opportunity to win your trust.  We think that you will be glad you did. Proudly serving the turbomachinery market since 2000

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SIMULIA Integration Partner

Value Proposition

Our GageMap product uses the information within the Abaqus solution files for FE modeling and analysis. The Abaqus file API libraries are used to access this information and place it into a locally supported file format.


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