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DEP is an innovative global product engineering company focusing on total product development and on delivering unique products, revolutionary technology,...

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Company address: 850 E LONG LK RD STE A 48085-4875 TROY OAKLAND MI, USA


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DEP is an innovative global product engineering company focusing on total product development and on delivering unique products, revolutionary technology, diversified expertise and multi-industry orientated applications and solutions.

The entire suite of DEP’s Meshworks products, processes and services are tailored to drastically reduce overall product development cycle for our customers. This enables them to deliver optimized and balanced products faster to market.

With global access to over 2000 employees, DEP is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA .We service customers through Global Innovation Centers located in Italy, India and China as well as manufacturing locations in North America and India. Other DEP global office locations include Germany, Korea, Japan and Australia.

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MeshWorks Suite

MeshWorks is a path breaking CAE software that will allow users to do the following. It is a major new release with substantial depth added to existing functionality and with new modules such as auto-hex-meshing, advanced-meshing, advanced parameterizations, quality improvements tools, etc.

  • Morph existing FEA & CFD models to new requirements and target geometry data in a fast & efficient manner.
  • Parameterize existing FE/CFD models to impart the intelligence of shape, structural, material, welding, feature, macro and topology parameters (the parameterized model can subsequently be used for DOE & optimization studies).
  • Create concept models by "cutting, morphing & stitching" existing CAE models.
  • Create automatic hexahedral (100 %) meshes from skin mesh geometry of very complex components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads etc.
  • Perform advanced meshing operations such as "tetra-boolean" operations, acoustic cavity meshing, auto-rib creation etc. which are typically not found in other pre-processors

CAD Morpher

The CAD-Morpher is an innovative concept that allows users to morph existing CAD data directly to new target shapes. It's ability to handle both CAD and CAE models makes it a perfect link between CAE and Design teams. In today's industry there is increased pressure on engineers to push to the limits of design. Multiple design concepts are to be explored before converging on an optimal design that satisfies most of the constraints imposed. All of this makes it necessary to build more than one model while designing. However, the large amount of time consumed to make new CAD designs of complicated problems forces the engineer to make certain assumptions to reduce the design time. This is where our product offers our customers a way to build CAD models faster than even imagined before. Using our innovative technology our customers can build models up to 10 times faster than the conventional methods. Overall our product helps in drastically reducing the product development cycle time.

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