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Convergent Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. is a world leading provider of composite process modelling software, services, and hardware. 

Convergent provides tools to address dimensional control issues that build on the Company’s in-depth understanding of thermal management and its effects on process and tooling design. Our software programs, COMPRO & RAVEN, enable users to develop robust, cost-effective processes for both simple and complex composite structures.

Convergent’s gas flow and vacuum leak detection system, COHO, saves significant time in production by detecting and localizing vacuum bag, equipment, and tooling leaks. Users can also log data for better quality control and historical data mining, to improve consistency in bagging practices and aid troubleshooting.

Let Convergent software, hardware and services help keep your competitive edge by shortening development cycles, creating robust processes, and reducing manufacturing risk.

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Our relationship with Dassault Systèmes allows us to better support COMPRO users who work with CATIA and ABAQUS/CAE. Integrating COMPRO into ABAQUS has automated cumbersome steps in the model setup and has reduced the setup times by as much as a factor of five for complex models. The Convergent tools allow users to perform tool surface compensation in CATIA based on COMPRO spring-in analyses, seamlessly moving between design and analysis environments. This helps users produce parts as-designed requiring minimal fit-up or shimming. Users can expect to see new, exciting features in upcoming releases of our COMPRO software as a result of these partnership agreements.

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TEAM, Convergent Sales
Technical Sales
+1 604 822 9682