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Modelon provides solutions, services and technology for Modelica and Functional Mock-up Interface model-based systems engineering. Modelon takes active part in the development of Modelica and FMI standards and is the premier provider of commercial Modelica libraries. We offer unique know-how in physical modeling, simulation and optimization, and control design.

Manufacturers, academic institutions, researchers and students from all over the world employ Modelon’s solutions to analyze and optimize cross-domain complex applications, and to accelerate their development or production cycles. Modelon’s market encompasses automotive industry, aerospace, energy, process and utility, as well as industrial equipment sector.

Originally founded in Sweden in 2004, Modelon has grown over years and has now more than 80 employees in several offices in Sweden, Germany, USA and Japan. Visit our website at to learn more.

Sales contact: Magnus Engström
Contact phone: +46 46 286 2254

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Modelon offers solutions related to model based systems engineering with focus on simulation, optimization and control design using Dymola and Modelica technologies. With our unique expertise we serve technology enterprises in a range of industries within Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Process, Industrial Equipment, Life Sciences and academia in North America, Europe and Asia. Visit our website at to learn more.

Sales contact North America: Magnus Gafvert
Contact phone: +46 46 2862204

Sales contact Europe: Magnus Engström
Contact phone: +46 46 2862254



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