IBS POLAND company was founded in 2008 in Gliwice, the main mission is to support our partners in the range of processes optimization, delivery of complete...

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Company name: IBS POLAND SP ZOO

Company address: UL BOJKOWSKA 41 P 44-100 GLIWICE , POL

Website: http://www.ibs-poland.pl

Partner Overview

IBS POLAND company was founded in 2008 in Gliwice, the main mission is to support our partners in the range of  processes optimization, delivery of complete PLM solutions, engineering and programming services.
In 2009, IBS Poland became the accredited supplier of PLM solutions of Dassault Systemes and the Certified Training Center.
From the beginning of our cooperation with Dassault Systemes, with years of experience and success of our competent team, IBS POLAND is the leader in the delivery of PLM solutions on the Polish market.
Our main aim is to provide our customers additional values through optimization and integration of business processes.
We are working with our clients in order to make their dreams come true about an innovative product, using customer’s knowledge and a great experience of our excellent team.Our customers estimate us as a professional, competent and reliable partner, supporting them in the implementation process of PLM ( Product Lifecycle Management) solutions.
The key value of IBS POLAND is creative, motivated and experienced team focused on customer’s success. Our client is always our partner.
We support companies from different brands for example: automotive, aerospace, marine and offshore, industrial and consumer goods.

Partner Highlights

IBS Poland has a wide range of activities:
• Audits and consulting in the area of Product Lifecycle Management
• Complete implementations of 3D Experience solutions of Dassault Systemes
• Optimization and integration of systems and processes
• Implementation of systems for product knowledge management
• Authorial, dedicated training programs
• Delivery of CAD/CAM/CAx/PLM
• Delivery of CAD/CAM workstations and 3D motion contollers
• Customers’ support in engineering services
• Planning, consulting and implementation of complex IT projects in logistics




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Reselling, Implementation, and Training

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