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Group Mobility - Successful products are customer-oriented and market-driven — and the way to get there must be made increasingly faster and more cost-efficient. In intensive development sectors like Mobility or Fashion, this can only be achieved through the right product and size & fit information. With 75% global market share, the Human Solutions Group offers exactly the right technologies:

  • Ergonomic simulation in CAD for ergonomic vehicle design
  • World-leading CAD manikin RAMSIS
  • Industry solutions for specific design of cars, trucks, aircraft, industrial and commercial vehicles
  • World’s most extensive database of representative body dimensions as the basis for human simulation
  • Ergonomics tools for adherence to standards, automation and certification for reducing development time

The Human Solutions Group has 200 employees. Its products are sold worldwide, either directly by the Group or through partners in 50 countries.

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The 3D CAD manikin RAMSIS is a highly accurate simulation software program for a wide range of design and construction analyses. RAMSIS is available as a stand-alone application for Windows or as a seamless integration with CATIA 5. Here designers can directly access all RAMSIS functions within their accustomed work environments. The most time-consuming import or export of geometries can be dispensed with, because users no longer have to familiarize themselves with a new CAD program to be able to carry out efficient ergonomic analyses.

With RAMSIS in CATIA V5 users can benefit from fast creation of realistic human figures (manikins) based on international databases, high quality manikin display and automatic calculation of realistic driver postures in CATIA models based on extensive research on real drivers.

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