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Moldware GmbH, founded in 1997, is a private company based in St. Wendel, Germany. Moldware provides innovative software solutions for OEMs and suppliers in automotive, aerospace, shipyard and building industry. The knowhow transfer between our departments – software development, design, product development – provides the basis for sophisticated software modules. The continuous exchange of experiences by design projects promotes the practical approach of our software products. With our products we accelerate the product development process and meet customer expectations of cost, time and quality. 

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Value Proposition

The partnership between Dassault Systèmes and Moldware GmbH merges the strengths of each partner; the powerful functionalities of CATIA solutions are combined with the practical experience of Moldware employees. Staying within the CATIA design environment, the tool designers are able to quickly and efficiently perform their tasks with the aid of the easy-to-use functionalities of MWF-Bore and MWF-Drafting. The feature-based database-driven MWF-Bore removes the complexity of generating holes and MWF-Drafting facilitates the drawings derivation by automatic preparation of drawings and hole tables. 

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> MWF-Bore
> MWF-Drafting



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