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Founded in 1997, Digital Product Simulation has acquired a reputation for excellence when it comes to integrating analysis and simulation in the design process of industrial products. DPS has offices in Paris, Toulouse, and Detroit and employs approximately one hundred engineers specialized in consulting, methodology, training and software development. Its range of services enables DPS to propose the digital solution best suited to each industry-related problem.

Digital Product Simulation is a CAA V5 Software Partner, a Dymola specific reseller and a member of the PLM Solutions Partner Program.

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Designed to be scalable across all Dassault Systemes software, the PLM Partners Program offers a global, flexible framework to support the growth of our partners' businesses while providing key tools (sales, marketing, technical support and communication) to strengthen their PLM skills.

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COLLARD, Emmanuel
Sales Director
+01 30 08 22 83

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Traditionally 2 distinct activities within a company, design and simulation were often trial and error processes that inevitably drove product development costs up. DPS realized, early on, that analysis and simulation can play an important role in improving the design process and produce cost effective and efficient designs. By transforming this innovative concept into high-value services and products DPS helps its clients integrate simulation in their product development process.

DPS delivers a set of analysis and simulation software products fully integrated in CATIA V5. These products are entirely developed using the CAA V5 development environment: FEM Utilities for CATIA, a set of meshing tools and FEA gateways, MID SURFACE MESHER for generating and meshing medial surfaces of thin structures, CATUNV5 a bi-directional FEA interface for the universal file format (IDEAS) and HexaMesh Tools, a manual semi-automatic and fully automatic hexahedron meshing environment.

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Partner's Products


> HexaMesh Tools
> FEM Utilities for CATIA
> Mid-Surface Mesher


COLLARD, Emmanuel
Sales Director
+01 30 08 22 83