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Software Cradle Co. Ltd. (Osaka, Japan), is a leading developer and service provider of CFD software for engineers. Established in 1984, Software Cradle...

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Company address: 3-4-5 UMEDA KITA-KU 530-0001 OSAKA-SHI 27, JPN


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Software Cradle Co. Ltd.  (Osaka, Japan), is a leading developer and service provider of CFD software for engineers.  Established in 1984, Software Cradle offers a suite of CFD products consisting of SC/Tetra and scFLOW (general purpose, unstructured mesh CFD), scSTREAM (general purpose, structured mesh CFD), HEAT Designer (electronics thermal analysis), PICLS (PCB Instant Thermal Simulation Software) and CADthru (CAD to CFD geometry translation). Software Cradle became an MSC Software company in 2016.  Our products have been distributed worldwide, and be incorporated into MSC’s products to deliver new solutions for complex engineering problems. 

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SC/Tetra is all-in-one package general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software using unstructured hybrid mesh (tetrahedron, pentahedrons and hexahedron).  Since the first release of SC/Tetra in 1998 with the specific concept of "Easily enabling calculation of complex geometries", it has grown as the practical engineering CFD tool with the ease of use and high end capabilities.  SC/Tetra’s outstanding features of robust mesher, flexible mesh resolution control, low memory consumption (about 10 million elements per 2GB RAM memory), and fast computation solver provide the accurate simulation with high cost performance to the user.  In addition, one of the unique functions "Overset Mesh" allows a complex motion of an object including contacting, closing, and opening with 6 degree of freedom. Now this powerful CFD tool is coupled directly with Abaqus FEA and enables you to solve the challenging phenomenon which may require 2-way coupling between CFD and FEA and large deformation.  For details about SC/Tetra’s capability, please refer to the following link: SC/Tetra

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