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AutoForm is the leading global provider of software solutions for reducing development time and costs in the die-making and sheet metal forming industries.

Recognized as an industry standard and strategic partner at virtually every automotive OEM and key supplier, AutoForm focuses on delivering innovative technology that produces real improvements in cost, quality and time due to the combination of accuracy, speed and user-friendliness.

Based on practical, industrial know-how and sheet metal forming expertise, AutoForm's solutions form a complete, integrated system and enable you to improve reliability in planning, reduce die try out and optimize material usage. This results in robust part, tool and process designs. In addition, AutoForm-software reduces press downtime and scrap/reject rates in production.

Solutions for the Process Chain

AutoForm's suite of solutions is seamlessly integrated into a single, homogenous environment, which strongly complements your workforce skills. Whether for Class A panels, BIW, structural or hydroformed parts, and whether for draw/line or progressive dies, AutoForm spans the entire process chain, including:

    * Product styling
    * Product engineering for manufacturability (DFM)
    * Cost and material optimization
    * Production planning
    * Process layout and die engineering
    * Production tooling development
    * Die try out and buy off (PPAP)
    * Production validation and quality assurance

Software Partnership

CAA Partner

Value Proposition

The partnership between Dassault Systèmes and AutoForm merges the strengths of each partner; the powerful functionalities of CATIA solutions are combined with the unique expertise in sheet metal forming simulation of AutoForm. Staying within the CATIA design environment, the product designers, process planners and tool designers are able to quickly and efficiently perform early manufacturability and cost assessments, set-up the entire stamping process, make process modifications, and consider and evaluate different process layouts in order to find the best ones.


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Partner's Products


> AutoForm-ProcessDesigner for CATIA V5
> AutoForm-OneStep for CATIA V5
> AutoForm-QuickLink for CATIA V5


THOMMA, Markus

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Partner's Products


> AutoForm-ProcessDesigner for CATIA V6


THOMMA, Markus