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YOKOHAMA i-MARK PLACE 2F 4-4-5 Minatomirai Nishi-ku 220-8560 Yokohama-shi 14

Phone : (081)045/212-5180
Web : http://www.exa-corp.co.jp

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EXA Corporation, founded 1987 was the systems information organization of Japan`s NKK Corporation. NKK, founded 1912, is the 6th largest steel manufacturer in the world and as well, is a major name in shipbuilding and bridge and plant engineering. EXA inherits the engineering know-how accumulated through the long history of NKK. In the engineering segment EXA itself has accumulated a huge resource of design know-how, advanced 3D geometry technology and a deep and broad-based experience in developing innovative solutions. EXA has provided solutions based on 3D CAD and PDM. It also developed large business for banks, insurance and credit card companies, the Japanese government and, universities, covering consulting, system integration, and maintenance. EXA has also provided ERP applications for accounting, human resources, and procurement.  Headquartered in Kawasaki-City, Japan. EXA employs more than 1500 technical professionals. Information about EXA is available at http://www.nk-exa.co.jp/eng.

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