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Coriolis Composite provides fiber placement robot and software. The engineers present a very unique know-how, due to out breaking improvements in the use of computers and robots for fiber placement. For the highest and the most reliable quality, the Coriolis Composite fiber Placement Technology relies on standard off-the-shelf polyarticulated robots and on a sophisticated innovative fiber placement system (head and creel).

The robot head has been developed and intensively optimised by Coriolis Composites during a ten years research program. To feed the robot head, the innovative fiber guidance system, has been developed to adjust the fiber tensions and bring them from the creel to the head.

The innovating spirit and growing experience of its team has brightly brought Coriolis Composite to the highest level of the state of the art. Located in Lorient France, Coriolis Composites mainly supplies the commercial aerospace, boat construction and wind turbines industry.

Software Partnership

CAA Partner

Value Proposition

The objectives of this partnership is to provide aerospace customers a CATIA and DELMIA fully integrated tool. Customers are mostly designing their composites parts with CPD in CATIA. They need these design data to analyse their fiber placement process, simulate and program the machine.

The company provides fiber placement systems and CADfiber software (Windows) and CATFIber (CATIA) for simulation and programming.

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Partner's Products


> CATFiber Laser Projection CAA V5 Based
> CATFiber Simulation
> CATFiber Manufacturing
> CATFiber FEM Export CAA V5 Based
> CATFiber Design
> CATFiber Export CAA V5 Based


+332 97 59 94 98

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Partner's Products


> CATFiber AFP-ATL Programming CAA V6 Apps
> CADFiber Export CAA V6 Based
> CATFiber FEM Export CAA V6 Apps
> CATFiber LASER Projection CAA V6 Apps
> CATFiber AFP-ATL Machine Simulation CAA V6 Apps
> CATFiber Design CAA V6 Apps


+332 97 59 94 98