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"Design Rule is a leading UK based specialist in delivering leading-edge Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions from Dassault Systemes into manufacturing companies within the UK and worldwide.  These solutions, which are based upon the DS 3DEXPERIENCE platform, deliver an enterprise wide, web based solution for creating and managing product information throughout the entire product lifecycle, from product planning, development and design to production, sales and support, and to EOL. Our customers and expertise are in Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Industrial Products & Equipment, Energy & Construction, and Lifesciences; and we work closely with our international partners to enable a single point of ownership for global businesses, while enabling local support. We are DS partners for the 3DEXPERIENCE, as well as having many years of experience with CATIA, ENOVIA V6 & M1, SMARTEAM, DELMIA, 3DVIA, EXALEAD, etc.  Design Rule delivers proven professional services for PLM that include Business Process Review, Change Management, Project Management, Design/Build/Deploy, Training, Maintenance and Support. We also provide innovative tools that reduce the cost of PLM implementation and upgrade.  We are also specialists in the IT infrastructure for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform"

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Design Rule has been a PLM specialist VAR for Dassault Systemes since 1999, delivering innovative and adaptable PLM solutions based upon ENOVIA V6 , SMARTEAM and 3DEXPERIENCE, as well as delivering leadership in best practices methods for CATIA V5.  We are specialist implementation partners of ENOVIA for the management of MultiCAD including CATIA V5, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Creo, AutoCAD and Inventor.  A specific added value we provide is in the best practice implementation of ENOVIA in Aerospace & Defence when working with Export Controlled data.

Our most significant Value Proposition is that over the years we have developed a suite of PLM tools for ENOVIA (SmarTeam, V6 and 3DEXPERIENCE) that rapidly reduce the implementation costs for PLM, as well as providing ‘out of the box’ solutions that include greater granularity and automation than is available from any other provider.  These tools enable a ENOVIA customer to get exactly what they want, within time and budget.

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