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AVL List GmbH (“AVL”) is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry, and in other sectors....

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Company name: AVL LIST GMBH

Company address: HANS-LIST-PLATZ 1 8020 GRAZ , AUT

Website: http://www.avl.com/

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AVL List GmbH (“AVL”) is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry, and in other sectors. Drawing on its pioneering spirit, the company provides concepts, solutions and methodologies to shape future mobility trends.

As a major contributor to e-mobility, AVL drives innovative and affordable systems to effectively reduce CO2 by applying a multi-energy carrier strategy for all applications – from hybrid to battery

electric and fuel cell technologies.

AVL constantly evolves its ecosystem of high-end methodologies and innovative technologies in the area of vehicle development and testing which provides real world solutions to support customers’ future mobility ambitions. From the ideation phase to serial production, the company covers future vehicle architectures and platform solutions including the impact of new propulsion systems and energy carriers.

By digitizing the vehicle development with state-of-the-art and highly scalable IT, software and technology platforms, AVL creates new customer solutions in the areas of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, simulation and embedded systems. In the field of ADAS and autonomous driving, AVL has built comprehensive competences to accelerate the vision of smart and connected mobility.

AVL’s passion is innovation. Together with an international network of experts that extends over 26 countries and with 45 Tech- and Engineering Centers worldwide, AVL drives sustainable mobility trends for a greener future. In 2020, the company generated a turnover of 1.7 billion Euros, of which 12% are invested in R&D activities.


Partner Highlights

AVL and SIMULIA have signed a strategic agreement that accelerates and deepens the integration between the companies' software products. AVL has released the latest edition of it'sEXCITE software, a market-leading tool for simulating dynamics and acoustics of powertrain systems. EXCITE 7.0 offers improved reliability, usability, and product turn-around times, optimally supported by the strategic agreement and collaboration between AVL and SIMULIA.

AVL EXCITE combines SIMULIA's proven and robust Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technology with AVL's unparalleled expertise in powertrain-related applications, and provides complete workflow solutions for engine Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) and crankshaft durability analysis.

The "EXCITE-Abaqus Solution" provides the following benefits:
*A best-in-class solution for engine durability and NVH
*Seamless integration of high-fidelity FEA technology within AVL's proven workflows
*Improved productivity
*A flexible packaging scheme that enables AVL and SIMULIA customers to fully leverage existing investments in both companies' software products

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