Cloud Collaboration: Building Operational Resilience for Manufacturers

How can you rebound from current disruptions to remain competitive and thrive post-pandemic? The answer: Increase collaboration, improve execution and accelerate innovation on the cloud.

The New Normal and the Next Normal

Recent disruptions affecting supply chains and customer demand have placed immense pressure on manufacturers to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and predict future disruptions. This is paramount for manufacturers to rebound from disruptions.

For the next normal, manufacturers need to arm their business with operational resilience, which is no longer just a "nice-to-have" or competitive differentiator. It must become embedded in a company's operations for the business to quickly adapt to disruptions.

Operational processes must become more flexible and agile to help manufacturers manage day-to-day risks while continuing to innovate and evolve to meet or even surpass customer demands.

Learning from the vulnerabilities of the global supply chain model exposed by recent disruptions, manufacturers should work closely with multiple suppliers to mitigate potential disruptions. But, they can only do so with the right solution that provides complete visibility over the connected value chain. Here's where cloud collaboration comes in.

Accelerate Smarter Collaboration on the Cloud

Download our white paper and learn how manufacturers can drive cross-team collaboration to boost operational resilience and thrive in the next normal.

What is Cloud Collaboration?

Cloud collaboration happens in a secure, collaborative production environment that starts from early planning to design development and ends with the final product release. A cloud-based platform is easily accessible to your employees, business partners and customers. They can communicate, exchange ideas and collaborate on projects — anywhere, anytime.

Why You Should Collaborate on the Cloud

3DEXPERIENCE® on the cloud provides cross-application services on a single platform so you can weather any disruption. These services enable collaborative design and engineering, manufacturing and production, simulation and governance.

Real-World Benefits of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform on the Cloud

Reduced risks

The ability to work remotely in a virtual space keeps your employees safe as they're able to abide by physical distancing guidelines and safety measures. With real-time reporting and analytics, you'll be able to track your supply chain closely and monitor it more frequently.

Connected workforce

A flexible workforce can be deployed virtually anywhere their skills or capacities are required. You'll also be able to coordinate various teams working across different time zones even when on-site facilities are not accessible.

Visibility across the value chain

A shared digital platform helps your business better prepare for potential disruptions. Improved communication across the ecosystem facilitates more effective logistics and resource planning.

Accelerated innovation

Manufacturers can increase the adoption of technologies such as additive and lean manufacturing, big data, machine learning intelligence, predictive analytics and the virtual twin experience.


On-site servers are not required, eliminating the need for physical maintenance expenses. The savings gained can be reinvested into business-critical expenses.

Business continuity

By investing in a solution that supports different ways of working, you get to reduce the impact of disruptions across the value chain and ensure business continuity.

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