Key Manufacturing Strategies That Deliver Future-Proofed Operations

Reactive changes aren’t enough anymore. Learn why strategic flexibility is key to gaining lasting success despite uncertainties in the manufacturing world

Today’s manufacturers are facing times of extreme volatility. In these precarious times when change is the only constant, many manufacturers realize that the only way forward is to implement manufacturing strategies that drive strategic flexibility.

The implemented strategies must not be seen as solutions to meet an immediate need but as stepping stones to building strategic flexibility. Only then can manufacturers make the right decisions and be successful amidst uncertainties in the industry.

How can manufacturers begin to future-proof their operations? It requires a digital transformation strategy that delivers optimal ways of working. This can be achieved through a cloud-enabled platform that supports strategic flexibility, enabling manufacturers to anticipate challenges and opportunities effectively.

How to Prepare Your Manufacturing Operations for All Eventualities

Discover five future-proofing strategies that power an effective digital transformation for better strategic flexibility.

Future-Proofing Operations for that Competitive Advantage

It’s no longer enough for manufacturers to take action only when problems occur, whether it’s countering a competitor’s pricing or adjusting to fluctuations in the global economy.

Technology should help humans do their job better, but not prevent them from thinking and understanding. That’s how you bring about flexibility

Director of Corporate Development>Manufacturing Waste Management > Dassault Systèmes®
Hadrien Szigeti
Director of Corporate Development, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Dassault Systèmes

To sustain operational resilience, business continuity and market leadership, manufacturers must be able to anticipate changes and opportunities for optimum growth. This is possible when manufacturers can gain strategic flexibility through the right set of strategies: 

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation with industrial internet of things (IIoT) machinery elevates production. With 5G, intelligent machines and robotics utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) greatly accelerate production while minimizing defects and waste.

Increased Visibility

Modular systems are adaptable and flexible. When manufacturers integrate different people and data in one place, they get complete visibility to coordinate all the components and stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle.

Future Workforce

Augmented and virtual reality will enable today’s manufacturers to build their ideal workforce of the future, enabling work training to be done in a virtual environment using interactive instructions and images.

A Bright Future for Manufacturers

For manufacturers looking to future-proof their operations with ease and speed, it’s critical to invest in the right digital platform.

With Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, manufacturers can efficiently implement flexibility-focused strategies that include deploying digital transformation initiatives, introducing full visibility in modular systems and building immersive learning experiences for employees.

By integrating data sources and stakeholders, the cloud-enabled 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables collaborative decision-making that results in agile processes. As a result, manufacturers can rely on future-proofed operations to thrive for a long time to come. 

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