Edge Computing: The Drive for Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturers can utilize a powerful integrated platform with advanced digital solutions to take their edge computing strategy to a completely new level.

The digital connectivity of our modern world is continuously expanding and requires heavier and faster data processing to work optimally. To keep up with this data processing evolution signature of Industry 4.0 and reap its rewards, manufacturers must rely on advanced industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications that analyze and process data close to the location of data generation – within devices and machines themselves. This is where edge computing can help.

Edge computing can effectively streamline IIoT traffic and facilitate local data collection and data analysis in real time. To master this capability and boost their overall smart manufacturing aptitude, manufacturers must equip themselves with a solid edge computing strategy. The pursuit of edge computing mastery gets easier when they utilize powerful digital solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

At The Cutting Edge of Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturers can now optimize their edge computing strategy on a powerful integrated platform – and boost production prowess.

What is Edge Computing About?

Edge computing can accelerate heavier and faster data processing capability in three fundamental ways:

1. Data localization

Compared to a normal cloud system, an edge computing system supports better data processing thanks to its optimized fog layer and lower latency.

According to Gartner, 75% of all enterprise data will be generated and processed at the edge by 2025. The rate is a stark leap from the 10% of edge-processed data documented in just 2018 and suggests an eventual decrease of reliance on traditional, centralized data hubs.


An edge computing strategy strengthened in a single, secure environment that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides enables optimized fog layer utility, low latency, improved data management and extended interoperability between all devices.


2. Smart manufacturing

Manufacturers can utilize big data insights on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to make better business decisions and maximize their return of investment while improving product design.

At the same time, manufacturers can use the platform’s advanced digital solutions to optimize and deliver the following three smart manufacturing applications:


On the platform, manufacturers can flexibly work at multiple levels (on the cloud, at the fog or at the edge) and in platform modes (cloud, on-premise and hybrid). With this flexibility, they can manage software capabilities from a center of excellence and push them to new sites much more easily.

Smart maintenance

Manufacturers can leverage the platform’s virtual twin capability to integrate information, processes and systems across design, simulation and execution. This enables an easier and less costly predictive maintenance model that promotes continuous IIoT-supply chain link and autonomous machine status monitoring from anywhere, at any place.

Augmented and virtual realities

Manufacturers can rely on simulation to integrate AR and VR tools into multiple shop-floor applications, such as virtual training sessions, immersive work instruction experiences and wearable technology for tracking and security. These applications can provide them with the data volume and security they would need to eventually improve and expand other beneficial areas of their business.

3. Value network innovations

A strong edge computing strategy can only take place in a strong value network environment. A Dassault Systèmes expert weighs in on how manufacturers can streamline their strategy from end to end with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s powerful digital solutions.


The Benefits of an Optimized End-to-End Edge Computing Strategy

The rewards of having an advanced edge-enabled data processing capability across the value network runs aplenty, from seamless stakeholder collaborations to easier adaptation to evolving manufacturing infrastructures. Our expert explains more:

Mike Bradford DELMIA Strategic Business Development Director
Edge Computing for Smart Manufacturing > Fast Processing at the Edge > Dassault Systèmes®

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