ENOVIA V5-6R2018

ENOVIA VPLM은 복잡한 제품을 위한 확장형 Virtual Product Lifecycle Management를 제공하여 기업이 더욱 혁신적인 제품을 더 빠르게 출시하도록 지원합니다.

ENOVIA 3d com Solutions

Provide single front-end to multiple information sources and applications for improving collaboration and decision support

Domain Objective

ENOVIA 3d com products are the ideal solution for anyone within a company who needs to have a single point of access federating all extended enterprise information to facilitate decision making, collaboration and access to the product lifecycle pipeline. They target an extended enterprise wide deployment level.

ENOVIA 3d com Domain Overview

With its open, plug-in architecture, ENOVIA 3d com can be used as the enterprise integration framework, federating access to multiple product lifecycle related applications and information sources. It particularly leverages the ENOVIA Multi-PDM and Multi-CAx Plug-Ins provided by the PPR Hub to access data stored in multiple PDM systems and visualize data created with various CAD systems. It offers a single window to multiple data sources and applications for a unified exploitation and extensive propagation of product /process information across the enterprise. It also provides 2D and 3D visualization services, basic analysis features, as well as collaborative capabilities such as mark-up and publishing. In order to address the specific needs of engineers and scientists at the conceptual design, phase, the ENOVIA 3d com solutions offering includes knowledge based innovation products particularly featuring a knowledge base of scientific effects.

ENOVIA 3d com Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
ENOVIA - NAVIGATOR V5 Plug-in   N35  
ENOVIA - 3d com VPM Session Builder   V3S  
MultiCAx - AD Plug-in   DAL  
ENOVIA - MultiCAx - CATIA Plug-in   DCL  
ENOVIA - MultiCAx - DELMIA Plug-in   DDL  
MultiCAx - SE Plug-in   DEL  
MultiCAx - IGES Plug-in   DGL  
MultiCAx - SolidWorks Plug-in   DSL  
MultiCAx - STEP Plug-in   DTL  
MultiCAx - PD Plug-in   PDL  
MultiCAx - UD Plug-in   UDL  
ENOVIA - 3d com Navigator   PNR  
ENOVIA - 3d com Viewer   PVR  
ENOVIA - 3d com Publish   P3B  
ENOVIA - 3d com Space Analysis   S3P  
ENOVIA - Multi-PDM - OP Plug-in   OGL  
ENOVIA - Multi-PDM - PM Plug-in   PML  
ENOVIA - Multi-PDM - CDM/VPM Plug-in   VPL