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Sales Mediation Specialist

China, 31, Shanghai 정규직 6/15/2022 526933

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What will be your role?

Establish relationships with infringing or non-compliant companies to find in collaboration with partner and License Compliance teams a mutual agreement through a commercial settlement to resolve the matter, and upsell to cover the global customer needs

(Please consider this Role description can be applied for both Direct & Indirect Channels in line with License & Compliance Business Stream)

Check Lead information (Amount, Offer, Close Date) with Sales/PSM and License Compliance then convert the lead.

Following the context

Do not disclose the lead to the Partner (common decision License Compliance /Inside Sales)

Or Assign the lead to the relevant sales manager / partner success management teams (formerly Lead Broking) and inform the Partner it’s a License Compliance situation for which he will received clear instructions on the next steps

Engage with the non-compliant Customer

 Engagement to be done in the 24 - 48 hours after the first legal action (letter from Law firm/ License Compliance Investigator) 

Prepare Customer engagement call by gathering information from 

Compliance case

Partner on customer history (optional)

Resolves matter with the company

Share only the compliance purchase (# licenses, products & timeframe) 

Negotiate compliance purchase

What key success factors?

Education requirement BS degree

At least 2 years’ experience in Sales and/or Software Solutions

Hard Skills

Observe confidentiality

Facilitate official agreement

Negotiate in legal cases

Listen to the stories of the disputants

Promote communication between parties

Exercise neutrality in mediation cases

Draft the rules of the mediation service

Achieve sales targets

Analyse business requirements

Analyse financial risk

Apply business acumen

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