Vinci Eco Drive

Discover how the Vinci Eco Drive team, from Léonard de Vinci university in France designs electric vehicles thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


The challenge

Vinci Eco Drive (VED) is a student association created in 2013 that designs and makes electric vehicles. Its members are from the three schools that comprise the Léonard de Vinci university cluster: ESILV (Engineering School), EMLV (Management School) and IIM (Digital & Multimedia School). The association today counts more than 80 enthusiastic and dedicated members who pursue this legacy with purpose and conviction to achieve the crucial goals of high performance and efficiency for tomorrow’s vehicles.

The most advanced student automotive competition

Taking part in the Formula Student Germany international design competition 2023 represents a major challenge for VED.

Through a series of trials, teams are assessed on the basis of the quality of the design and the performance, agility and speed of their formula racing car.

Because members come from all three schools at Léonard de Vinci University, the Vinci Eco Drive team brings together people from a variety of backgrounds. They all contribute in their own way, sharing skills and know-how in engineering, management and industrial design. And they all work together on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This diversity is a significant advantage as they work towards a shared goal, while efficient organization and effective communications are the keys to ensuring everyone involved enjoys a rewarding experience along the way.


Thanks to the cloud-enabled 3DEXPERIENCE platform, all the applications needed for designing the car are integrated into a single environment. This provides powerful remote computational capabilities and fosters collaborative working.


Carbon fiber is the ideal composite material for decreasing the overall weight of a vehicle. The VED team uses it for bodywork as well as several other parts. This calls for specific know-how and techniques, allowing team members to significantly strengthen their skill sets.


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows the team to work on the same part or assembly from several different servers, something that wasn't possible with CATIA. What's more, the platform brings together all the workshops in the same place, rather than requiring 15 or so different types of software for CAD, drawings, static and dynamic simulation, meshing, etc. Everything need for designing and manufacturing a part is available on the same platform. This also avoids having to export, which may result in a loss of data.

De Vinci logo

Pôle Léonard de Vinci, Paris, France

The three schools within the Group (EMLV, ESILV and IIM) are closely connected and provide complementary curriculum that blend the competencies of engineers, managers, and designers. The schools run french and international programmes and deliver degrees accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Each school has close ties with companies located in La Defense and the degrees awarded are highly valued by companies. The Pole prides itself in ensuring that students are competent, operational, reliable, and well prepared for professional insertion upon graduation.

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