Vayyar Imaging

Vayyar develops safe, mobile, affordable and highly advanced 4D imaging sensors, enabling applications in a wide range of industries.

SIMULIA CST Studio Suite allows us to evaluate design performance accurately before manufacturing, contributing to success on the first try.

Raviv Melamed portrait
Raviv Melamed
CEO, Vayyar Imaging


To develop its medical technology, Vayyar Imaging needed to learn and control the anatomical properties of the breast tissue in test subjects at clinical trials, and master the device capabilities within a limited number of trials. Facing lengthy design cycles with existing 4D imaging radar applications, the company had to meet tight project schedules with multiple constraints and limited resources.


The company used SIMULIA CST Studio Suite to supplement costly and difficult clinical trials with precise system-level simulation, and to estimate radar range, performance and field of view early in the design process and before the manufacturing stage.


Thanks to the solution, Vayyar Imaging improved its ability to accurately detect breast cancerous tissue along with substantial bill of materials (BOM) cost reductions, while maintaining performance in compliance with required specifications.

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