Toyota LC150 Movies

Anything but a toy.


The Toyota Land Cruiser is known for quality, durability, performance, luxury and comfort. As one of the brand’s classic models, Toyota Motor Europe wanted a dedicated movie to promote the new Land Cruiser’s real-world capabilities, reinforce its heritage and highlight multiple features. 3DEXCITE accepted the challenge. In order to achieve desired results, we leaned on a collaborative approach with the client, the creative agency and the 3DEXCITE product specialists to clearly define the scope of the project.


Using an integrated, multi-disciplinary team approach, 3DEXCITE produced an engaging movie that reveals the new Land Cruiser’s capabilities and takes the viewer on an adventurous journey. By providing transparency and flexibility with regards to the available budget, our focus remained on creating a truly fantastic final product, based on physically correct CG data, that leaves the viewer wanting more.


The movie blends beautiful, natural and urban landscapes with the rugged elegance of the Land Cruiser. The vehicle maintains its photorealistic quality in every shot, thanks to our seamless ability to combine CG elements with real-world environments. Stunning shots of the vehicle’s exterior, and an X-ray view of the interior transport the viewer directly into the scene. With the interior shot featuring the functionality of the rear seats and highlighting extra cargo space, value messaging is clear. A fly-thru of the interior from rear-to-front, provides an intimate look at the steering wheel, instrument panel and interior seating. The flexibility of a CGI project inherently adds ROI almost immediately. Localization of the content for multiple Markets means that the investment is already producing efficiencies in both time and costs. Traditional shoots require more time, more money and a lot more effort.