SPEC (Systems & Processes Engineering Corp) creates innovative technologies and develops integrated product solutions, including LADAR and LIDAR.


SPEC needed a solution to quicken development and reduce physical prototypes of a broad range of coherent target simulators, digital frequency discriminators, digital exciters, digital filters and digital receivers.


SPEC chose SIMULIA’s CST Studio Suite to provide multiple solvers to maximize computational efficiency and accuracy. The solution offers a single user interface for multisolver and multiphysics simulation. Users can construct and edit simulation models using CST Studio Suite’s powerful parametric CAD interface.


The company’s products are highly sophisticated high frequency sensing systems for aerospace and defense. The ability to virtually simulate the performance of its product is a significant advantage that reduces cost, saves time during product development, and allows its engineers to explore more design options.

CST is an excellent toolset to help our engineers design better product solutions for our range, tactical and missile systems.

SPEC - Dassault Systèmes®
Frank Raffaeli, VP of Research & Development, SPEC

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For more information: https://www.spec.com/

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