The German startup envisions completely automating clothing production with a focus on a fully automated laundry.


The fast-growing startup needed to cope with increasing demand for clearly defined processes in product development. In addition, technical requirements for its solutions became more and more complex, linking mechanical, electrical and software engineering. The company realized it needed a solution to master all data and protect its intellectual property.

 3DEXPERIENCE on cloud enables us to digitalize and master our product development and free up valuable time for innovative thinking.

Tim Doerks
Co-Founder, sewts


The company adopted 3DEXPERIENCE® on cloud to manage its entire product data and to benefit from the high-end design capabilities offered with CATIA. The cloud package is scalable according to the company’s needs: adding new users or new applications like SIMULIA for virtual validation of their products is one click away and available instantly.


The SaaS cloud technology enabled sewts to invest in a future-proof business platform to master the entire set of product development and multidiscipline engineering processes. Having a common, consistent database and powerful knowledge management capabilities helped it speed up product development and reduced coordination efforts between teams. 

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