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How did the German kitchen specialist Pino enter the French market? Through HomeByMe's Kitchen Planner and its sales operations management system.


In order to penetrate the French market successfully, Pino – a kitchen specialist under the German Group Nobilia – needed to offer its retailers a highly valuable proposition. With an ambitious target of selling 3,500 kitchens in France by 2023, Pino aimed to adopt an innovative approach that matched its ambitions.


Pino chose HomeByMe solutions, which includes HomeByMe Kitchen Planner application for 3D kitchen design and planning, along with HomeByMe Retail Operations application for sales operations management. With HomeByMe, Pino can develop its entire 3D kitchen catalog and provide its retailers with a turnkey online tool for product visualization and design.


HomeByMe enables Pino to offer its retailers an intuitive application to quickly create 3D kitchen combinations that meet consumer requirements and streamline their decision-making process. Accessible online from desktops, tablets, or smartphones, the application provides a seamless customer journey for the end user.

HomeByMe was the only solution capable of fully meeting the retailers’ requirements.

Michel Griffon
Director of Development at Nobilia and Pino

About Pino

Established in 1994 in Coswig, Saxony-Anhalt, Pino has been a subsidiary of the German group Nobilia since 2017. Renowned for its expertise in designing and manufacturing high-end pre-assembled kitchens, Pino operates with a customer-centric approach. The company delivers nearly 350 kitchens per day and generates a global turnover of 150 million euros. Pino's streamlined operations are further facilitated by offering a carefully curated selection of approximately forty stocked façade models in its factories, ensuring swift production and delivery times. Pino's wide-reaching clientele includes key players in B2B distribution and an extensive network of independent resellers, such as renovation brokers, hypermarkets, and DIY chains.***

A customized kitchen for everyone

Pino, known for its high-end custom kitchen manufacturing, align its kitchen designs with the unique lifestyles of its customers. With a capacity to produce 400 pre-assembled kitchens per day, the company adopts an innovative business strategy.

Michel Griffon - Director of Development at Pino - emphasizes the diversity of Pino’s partnerships: "We collaborate with renovation brokers, hypermarkets, and DIY stores. Our approach to kitchen design requires differentiation, with a focus on innovative solutions and services”.

To meet the specific needs of its retailers and expand its offerings in the French market, Pino sought a solution that would allow seamless integration of existing product catalogs and enable the sale of 3,500 kitchens by 2023 to its different types of customers.

Pino's objective was to offer an easy-to-use solution for quick and intuitive usage, improving both the consumer's buying journey and sales process. To achieve this, they chose Dassault Systèmes' HomeByMe solutions and its 3D kitchen design application, HomeByMe Kitchen Planner, to enable their resellers to rapidly create and visualize realistic kitchen assemblies and provide precise and competitive quotes to clients. This turnkey personalized approach enhances customer satisfaction and fosters brand loyalty.

Michel Griffon highlights the capabilities of HomeByMe Kitchen Planner: "We can design a kitchen in only ten or twelve minutes, and the visual rendering is truly impressive. It's unparalleled in the kitchen market."

Renowned for its versatile and adaptable strategy in various sectors like kitchen and DIY, Pino offers tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and demands of each domain. The implementation of HomeByMe solutions has attracted new retailers eager to diversify their activities into the kitchen market. Among them, “La Maison des Travaux”, an expert in home improvement projects for individuals, has successfully incorporated the HomeByMe solution among its 150 sellers within a remarkable 3-month timeframe.

3 months

Within a mere 3 months, the retailer “La Maison des Travaux” seamlessly implemented the HomeByMe solution among its 150 points of sale.


Example of high-definition rendering generated with Kitchen Planner

Optimizing the sales process

In-stores, HomeByMe Kitchen Planner proves to be a compelling and powerful sales tool. With seamless interactions, sales can quickly create 3D representations of the customer's dream kitchen. This cloud-based application ensures easy accessibility from any device - smartphone, tablet, or desktop - allowing customers to explore and revisit their evolving projects at their convenience.

Michel Griffon highlighted the positive impact of HomeByMe Kitchen Planner on their retailers: "It has streamlined their sales process, significantly improving efficiency and accelerating consumer purchasing decisions. Our retailers can now reach two to three times more customers each day."

HomeByMe Kitchen Planner embedded specific business rules for the kitchen industry, automatically detecting and flagging design issues in real-time, ensuring flawless kitchen module manufacturing from the outset. This enables quicker order processing and delivery.

"Our ambition is to revolutionize the kitchen industry by reducing delivery time to only fifteen days," Michel Griffon stated.

To further enhance their operations, Pino complemented HomeByMe Kitchen Planner with HomeByMe Retail Operations application, automating and streamlining ordering processes from design validation to delivery management, expediting the entire sales cycle.

A digitalized customer experience

Through digitalization, Pino provides an omnichannel shopping experience that meets consumer expectations. Customers can initiate their buying journey online, exploring products, comparing prices and features, and then visit physical stores for personalized advice and finalizing their purchase. They can also choose to order online and have their products delivered to their doorstep or opt for in-store pickup.

"Each retailer has the flexibility to use HomeByMe exclusively in-store or offer an inspirational kitchen planning phase on their website to encourage a web-to-store approach," Michel Griffon explains. "With this solution, we have fully integrated digital into our sales process and provide consumers with a seamless buying journey."

At the forefront of innovation, Pino continues its digitalization strategy and aims to enhance the customer experience through digital platforms. Dassault Systèmes' solutions are now fully integrated into Pino's complete offering for its direct customers.


Another example of a high-definition rendering generated with Kitchen Planner

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