Panasonic Connect

Panasonic Connect is using DELMIA Apriso as the core and 3DLean for GEMBA KAIZEN and digital manufacturing.

Panasonic Connect strives to connect work to tomorrow. Discover how they use DELMIA Apriso to centralize and manage their unorganized data and analog information, leading to a significant reduction in workload and more accurate data collection.

Change Work, Advance Society, Connect to Tomorrow

Yasuhiro Noma, Director, Process Automation Business Division, Global Manufacturing Center

"I'm in charge of the Process Automation Business Division. We have three manufacturing factories in Japan and four overseas. Starting with our Kofu factory, we implemented DELMIA Apriso as a common platform among our three factories in Japan.”

Why DELMIA Apriso Was Chosen and the Process

Masaki Yamamoto, Manager, Process Automation Business Division, Global Manufacturing Center, Manufacturing DX Promotion Department

“We work on improving every process, but our clients' needs are ever-changing. Staff experience served as the connector between processes and helped us carry out our work. We had to break away from being dependent on individual skills, and transform to become sustainable and evolvable.

With the same data model, we used the Process Builder and Dashboard Builder to customize it according to our unique workflow. That helps to improve the system and standardize work. Panasonic is strong in work on-site, and we worked to improve it even more. After building a system based on data collected from the existing structure, we could set up DELMIA Apriso speedily and understood it better.

Dassault Systèmes' understanding of our work was impeccable. Next, we implemented it in the manufacturing process at the Kaga and Kofu factories. Workflow and standardization at both factories experienced difficulties initially due to some differences. We did an investigation using the info from manufacturing, and clarified the similarities and differences. That helped speed up the work improvement cycle. Our staff on-site and Dassault Systèmes worked together closely as a team. That's why we could implement it in both factories in such a short time.”

Merits of Implementing DELMIA Apriso

Wataru Yamada, Manager, Process Automation Business Division, Circuit Formation Processes BG, Kofu Factory, Machining Department, Machining Section

“We could centralize and manage our unorganized data and analog info. Because of that, we could track in real-time the overall factory line operations. We were able to cut the time taken to recognize problems and take action. Also, it enabled us to visualize what correlation is like, and that helped us to remove bottlenecks efficiently. Throughput has also increased.”

Quick Responding, Autonomous, Evolving

Tetsuya Yamada, Manager, Process Automation Business Division, Thermal Fabrication System Business Division, Kaga Factory, Production Section

"We used the IC card as a tool to gather data. For the workflow of each product and process, we input the start and finish signals with the card. That led to significant reduction in workload and accurate data collection."

Making use of each factory's strength, together with work improvement, we work with Dassault Systèmes to standardize our system. They contributed significantly to the rectification of our data model, one of our bottlenecks. With DELMIA Apriso as the core, using 3DLean for GEMBA KAIZEN and digital manufacturing, on-site problems are resolved speedily, and development lead time is shortened. I look forward to partnering with Dassault Systèmes in the future to resolve the issues in manufacturing for our clients.

Yasuhiro Noma
Director, Process Automation Business Division, Global Manufacturing Center

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