OPPO is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company specializing in smartphones, audio devices and other electronic products.


Using mobile phones for our daily interactions is now commonplace and the user experience is determined by one key factor – speed. As a result, antenna performance is particularly important. There are many critical aspects to consider such as antenna efficiency and coexistence that need to be studied and optimized many times during a short project cycle.

CST Studio Suite simulations replace prototype builds for mobile phone antennas and shorten time-to-market by 35%.

Si Li
Antenna Expert, OPPO


OPPO adopted SIMULIA’s CST Studio Suite software to simulate mobile phone antennas. Even before the first physical prototype is manufactured, engineers can analyze and optimize antennas with high accuracy.


With the powerful analytical capability of CST Studio Suite, mobile phone 5G antennas can be precisely and rapidly designed and tested, increasing the efficiency during development and shortening the overall time-to-market by 35%.


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