O2M Project

O2M (Outil de Modélisation et conception Mécatronique /Mechatronic Modeling and Design Tools) is a project co-sponsored by two European Competitiveness Groups - Mov’eo and System@tic. Initiated in November 2007, the objective of this innovative R&D project is to provide a common platform for the design, simulation, and manufacture of mechatronic systems enabling a continuum of data throughout multi-engineering modeling.

The Challenge

A group of 33 companies participating in the O2M Project needed to be trained on V6 in order to build a platform that supports and streamlines the design and multi-physical simulation processes of a mechatronic system.

Dassault Systèmes Response

Partners were trained via a tailored O2M Training Program based on a blended learning approach that combined instructor-led classes and Companion online courses.


More than 100 mechanical, electronic, systems engineers and managers were interactively trained using this blendedlearning method.