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Neusoft Medical is a leading global provider of medical devices, clinical diagnosis and treatment solutions.


Accurate documentation of medical devices is key to FDA approval. Neusoft had managed its DMR (Device Master Record, data to build the device) and DHR (Device History Record, data on production, e.g. date, quantity, identification label) on paper. After selling the product, the company could no longer trace data, making maintenance and repair both time- and costintensive. 

DELMIA Apriso helps us in building a production traceability platform to improve management efficiency and information transparency.

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Wang Shulan
Director of Production Center, NEUSOFT MEDICAL


The company adopted DELMIA Apriso to cover the entire management and materials flow in and out of the warehouse, unifying the physical and information flow.


Going paperless made Neusoft more efficient, greatly reducing costs. Physical material and online information now matches more than 99% for warehouse materials management. In production, management of the transparent production process, personnel working hours and personnel status have been visualized, decreasing by 99% the time spent on file query tracking. 


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