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Portraits of Sustainability Pioneers

Discover the inspiring stories of sustainability pioneers making a difference

Dassault Systèmes celebrates their achievements and use of the virtual world to improve the real world.

Francine Acher: Université de Paris

Université de Paris medicinal chemist and director of research Francine Acher has turned her family’s life struggles into the driving inspiration for a lifetime focused on helping to revolutionize treatments for neurological diseases, including Parkinson’s. Now, the realization of that dream may be just around the corner.

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Martin Edlund: Minesto

The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, but water always moves. This universal truth inspired Martin Edlund, CEO at Minesto, to harness this constant and powerful energy source. His mission: a 100% renewable energy system.

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Mirco Maschio: Maschio Gaspardo

Agricultural equipment firm Maschio Gaspardo cultivates a sustainable future for people and planet. Surpassing expectations is a hallmark for President Mirco Maschio, who strives to improve the lives of his employees, the local community and the environment.

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Landon Taylor: Base 11

Inspired by his own challenging upbringing, Base 11 CEO Landon Taylor created an accelerator program that transforms high-potential, low-resource college and high school students into the STEM-trained talent industry so desperately needs.

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Stefan Krause: Canoo

Can subscribing to an autonomous-ready electric car improve air quality, alleviate traffic jams and make driving fun again? This is the question that drives Stefan Krauss of Canoo, who co-founded a mobility service provider to challenge popular conceptions of what a car should be.

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Claudio Capelli: Great Ormond Street Hospital

At London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, teams are using revolutionary digital modeling technology to transform the treatment of children suffering from rare congenital heart conditions. Discover how biomedical engineer Claudio Capelli is among those embracing emerging methods to help identify personalized approaches to address the needs of each individual patient.

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Omer Bar-Yohay: Eviation Aircraft

Eviation Aircraft CEO Omer Bar-Yohay believes our current transportation system is fundamentally broken, leaving travelers at the mercy of carriers and wasting precious resources, including money and time. He envisions the solution as an all-electric, nine-seat passenger airplane scheduled to make its first commercial flights in 2022.

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Benjamin David: XSun

XSun’s energy-independent drones provide new ways to monitor our world. Founder and CEO Benjamin David is passionate about applying the incredible potential of solar power to provide innovative, carbon-free methods to explore and protect the planet.

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Christian Bagg: Bowhead Corp

Discover the story of Christian Bagg, who founded Bowhead Corp to help inspire and enable paraplegics like himself get into nature – again, or for the first time – with an innovative mountain bike made specifically for their needs.

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