GISSING is a high-tech service provider for acoustic component technology research and development services for the automotive industry. 


GISSING needed a solution to simulate and analyze acoustic resonance to reduce interior noise and exterior vibrations in vehicles. To improve the NVH performance of vehicles, they used simulation to analyze moving geometries, complex multiphase flows, free-surface flows, and fluid-structure interactions in different regions, models, and external conditions such as rain. 

With SIMULIA XFlow, we can run endless simulations to reduce vehicle noise and balance the engineering & computational time costs.


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Liu Yi
Vice President, Gissing Group


The company selected SIMULIA XFlow to simulate its product’s real-world behavior under extreme conditions. GISSING can now simulate NVH performance through simulation tests, with less time spent on preprocessing the geometry and increased costs savings by creating a virtual twin instead of building a physical laboratory.


With SIMULIA XFlow, GISSING is able to optimize engineering time, reduce the number of physical prototypes required, and lower product development costs based on the early evaluation. GISSING is experiencing improved product quality and as a result the company reduced the risk of warranty & recalls.

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