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Watch our next Executive Insights episode with Dr. Holger Müller, Vice President Operations at Bertrandt, and Laurence Montanari, Vice President of Transportation & Mobility industry at Dassault Systèmes.

Perspectives from leading enterprise executives in Transport & Mobility

Listen to the lively discussion about how the virtual world will support auto OEMs and its suppliers to develop and test new car functions immediately – without the need for hardware or a test in real world. Simulation and virtually testing real-life scenarios help to evaluate impacts before creating any experience in the real world. Functions, components and entire systems are optimized, shortening development times and saving costs.

Video interview of Bertrandt - Dassault Systèmes

Dr. Müller and Montanari share insights on:

  • the importance of testing and validating the different what-if scenarios to make sure every system is working according to its design and safety protocols
  • the sustainability challenges that carmakers are facing
  • the increased amount of sensors in your car and how this increased radiation may affect the human tissue

Video transcript

More about Bertrandt

Bertrandt is an independent and international development service provider with long years of automotive expertise. Through the development performance, Bertrandt accelerates technological progress and makes a relevant contribution to a sustainable future with around 13,000 employees at over 50 sites worldwide.

With cross-industry know-how and a holistic understanding of systems and products, the company creates technological solutions at any stage of the product development process. Bertrandt is focused on hot topics such as digitalization, e-mobility and autonomous systems, mainly for the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors, and consistently facilitates the development of tailored solutions in these areas.

Visit Bertrandt website: https://www.bertrandt.com/

Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Holger Müller - Bertrandt - Dassault Systemes
Dr. Holger Müller
VP Operations at Bertrandt
Laurence Montanari
VP Transport & Mobility at Dassault Systèmes

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