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China Erzhong (EHEC), part of Sinomach Heavy Equipment Group, focuses on the design and manufacturing of smelting and forging equipment.


Designing and manufacturing heavy equipment is complex, and companies need to deal with a high volume of different data from design and engineering, many batches, different procedures and lengthy management chains during the manufacturing process. This is why EHEC sought a comprehensive solution to master this complexity and further strengthen its competitiveness.


The company adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform including CATIA, ENOVIA and SIMULIA to improve product design and manufacturing with a real-time and visual collaborative development platform based on 3D models to validate early on their new design and ensure it can be built as designed.

The 3DEXPERIENCE improved our R&D with unified processes from design to validation to manufacturing.

Mr. Fanyong
Director of Information Technology Institute, EHEC


The unified architecture and processes, as well as the strong collaborative capabilities across disciplines, helped EHEC increase the design efficiency by 20%, reduce R&D costs by 20%, shorten the product development cycle by 30% and reduce product quality problems by 25%. This leads to faster time-to-market with high-quality products.


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