Eovi Mcd mutuelle

The company selected Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform and its customer engagement application EXALEAD OneCall for its front and back office customer service activities.

Healthcare blues

Are the French worried about the rising cost of healthcare? In a study published in 2012 by Deloitte Conseil1 on the perception the French have of their healthcare system, the majority of those surveyed are indeed concerned with healthcare costs. Moreover, nearly 2/3 of the 1,001 people questioned declared that the recent economic slowdown has had a negative effect on household budgets devoted to healthcare. This means that shopping around for complementary healthcare coverage is a necessary evil that can unfortunately become a frustrating obstacle course for many. Consumers are well-informed, know what they want and have many questions. And they expect fast and precise answers from the person they are speaking to. “In a face-to-face discussion with a prospect or client, time is not that important,” said Frédéric Louis, chief information officer at Eovi Mcd mutuelle. “But over the phone, it’s a little bit more complicated. Operators must have access to as much information as possible and finding it must be instantaneous so as not to keep the client waiting.”

First-call resolution for better customer satisfaction

Eovi Mutuelle recently merged with Mcd Mutuelle to become the number two complementary mutual insurance company in France with 200 agencies nationwide. “We provide clients with a variety of insurance plans yet each has its own information system. In the past, to answer incoming questions over the phone, customer service agents would have to jump around from one vertical information silo to another, which is very time consuming and with no guarantee that the information they find represents a complete picture of the situation,” Louis said. “The agent’s task becomes even more complicated because as clients become savvier, the volume and complexity of incoming questions increases. A CRM system could suffice but these types of systems are for customer management, not for live interaction with customers on the phone. Customer service agents need to satisfy callers the first time around, and not require them to call back or to call someone else because they still have unanswered questions. And the call must be as short as possible,” Louis continued. “So, in early 2013, we decided it was critical to provide agents with a 360° view of every client and every offer we propose at Eovi Mcd mutuelle if we were to improve agent responsiveness and enable them to provide better service to prospects and clients.”

Eovi Mcd mutuelle customer service agents had much to gain if they had at their disposal a complete picture of each client, including, for example, personal information and history, details of different coverage plans, and even a complete listing and summary of every call with Eovi Mcd mutuelle. It would not only improve the quality of their response, it would also help them propose additional services that are relevant to a client’s or prospect’s particular situation. This means more business for Eovi Mcd mutuelle. “We could have consolidated all our information into one of our existing information systems, but it would have been illogical to mix different types of information together, not to mention time-consuming. So we decided to preserve the integrity of each system and use the customer engagement application EXALEAD OneCall from Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform to search through all our systems and to provide agents with a federated view of all the information that is pertinent to a caller’s situation. For the merger with Mcd Mutuelle, for instance, each information system remains independent yet we have total visibility thanks to EXALEAD,” Louis explained.

With a customer engagement system like EXALEAD OneCall, we have a better client-employee experience overall.

Frédéric Louis
Chief Information Officer Eovi Mcd mutuelle

Customer engagement system for a better customer experience

Eovi Mcd mutuelle is satisfied with EXALEAD OneCall for a number of reasons. “First of all, we were impressed by its ‘non-intrusive’ side, in other words, the ease with which we were able to index our existing systems,” Louis said. “Moreover, it is a high-performance system that enabled us to index all our databases in a very short amount of time. Our most important system, the user information database, which contains over two million members, took only 15 minutes to index which is remarkable.” Other benefits include a low learning curve and a user interface tailored to the needs of the profiles of the company’s different employees involved with customer service on various levels. “Approximately 50% of the company’s employees are either in direct contact with clients or doing back office work tailoring healthcare coverage,” he said. “Their needs are different, which is why Dassault Systèmes’ partner Keyrus that accompanied us during the selection and implementation of EXALEAD, organized workshops with all future OneCall users from the various departments so that they may express their ‘wish list’ for the ideal search results screen. Keyrus then customized the screen to our requirements, which increased user adoption of the application. Their expertise and approach were key to our successful implementation.”

Since EXALEAD OneCall was implemented, Eovi Mcd mutuelle phone service agents have been under less stress when dealing with clients over the phone because all relevant information is intelligently displayed right in front of them. “Our clients and prospects receive better, more personalized answers because the agent they are speaking to knows them better,” Louis continued. “And of course, senior management is satisfied because our employees are more efficient and more responsive and provide better service. With a customer engagement system like EXALEAD OneCall, we have a better client-employee experience overall.”

Bringing more information sources into the loop

Eovi Mcd mutuelle will continue to expand EXALEAD’s reach to other information systems in the company as well as to third-party applications at companies like La Poste to view the delivery status of Eovi Mcd mutuelle mail to prospects and clients. “EXALEAD is so fast, we are ahead of schedule with respect to indexing our applications and databases. What we had planned to do in 2014 has already been done in 2013,” Louis said. “The application is robust and flexible enough to enable us to add applications and databases progressively and at our own pace.”

The company is preparing for future mergers or holdings with other healthcare organizations, programmed over the next few years. It is also looking into the possibility of indexing information from Facebook, Twitter or other social media on the Internet. “When we started looking for an information search solution, one very important criterion was ‘reproducibility’, in other words the ability to prepare for future mergers by repeating what we have done with Mcd Mutuelle and using OneCall to streamline access to the information in the other company’s systems. Now that we know how easy it is to index any information system with EXALEAD, we have no doubt that the next time will be as smooth as the previous one.”

Focus on Eovi Mcd mutuelle

Number 2 inter-professional French mutual insurance company for private individuals, businesses and selfemployed professionals.

Products: Healthcare coverage, protection insurance, long-term care insurance, social health insurance, retirement plans, savings

Employees: 1,400

Headquarters: Paris, France

Revenue: 800 million euros Clients: 1.4 million people insured

For more information www.eovi.fr

Focus on Keyrus

Leading consultants in the integration of Business Intelligence and e-Business solutions for large accounts and ERP/CRM solutions for the mid-market, Keyrus currently has more than 1,600 employees in 12 countries and assists its customers in optimizing their performance by offering them a full range of services in management consulting, BI, e-Business, and enterprise management solutions. Keyrus accompanied Eovi Mcd mutuelle in its choice of a search engine solution, implemented and tailored this solution to Eovi Mcd mutuelle’s specifications and provided user training and assistance on demand.

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