Designing Tomorrow's Vehicle HVAC Systems

How Acoustic Simulation at BMW is Critical for Engineering Quiet Passenger Cabins


BMW needed to design a vehicle HVAC system that balanced acoustic comfort with effective performance.

We were looking for a simulation tool to help us with the analysis of the HVAC system,” he says. “And so we came across SIMULIA PowerFLOW, and it was the only tool that could provide us with a solution in the timeframe we had….PowerFLOW was the only viable solution.

Dr. Jan Biermann
Expert for the Development of Overall Vehicle Noise, Vibration and Harshness, BMW


BMW used SIMULIA PowerFLOW to investigate how noise levels could be lowered without sacrificing defrost performance.


Using PowerFLOW, BMW demonstrated a successful method of optimizing both acoustics and design performance, achieving a 6 to 13 db(A) Overall Sound Pressure Level improvement.

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