At the forefront of technological innovation for nearly a century, C&K designs and manufactures high-quality electromechanical switches.

DELMIA Ortems facilitates collaboration on the same schedule which becomes the reference for production, reducing overall workload.

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Astrid Bachelu
Logistics Director, C&K


To improve its employees’ well-being at work and secure the production scheduling process, C&K needed to reduce planners’ workload, standardize working methods, and make the planning function agile while meeting hard deadlines.


C&K selected Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Ortems application to switch from reactive to proactive mode, improve the load’s visibility, allow what-if simulations, and support overall production scheduling processes.


DELMIA Ortems helped the company optimize cycle times, improve plan and meet its customers’ expectations in terms of engagement and deadlines. With the planning and scheduling solution, C&K enhanced its global supply chain’s reputation.

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