Citroën AMI

Lightning-Fast Real-Time WebGL Configuration


With the goal of accessibility for everyone, Citroën introduced the Ami. Its styling is hip, modern and cutting edge – a clear shout-out to today’s non-conformists. Needing a solution that could grant consumers a genuine connection to this 100% electric vehicle, Citroën turned to 3DEXCITE for their unparalleled expertise in real-time solutions.


Using Citroën’s popular hashtag of #LibertyElectriCityMobility as a launchpad for inspiration, 3DEXCITE got to work to create the most engaging and intuitive e-commerce vehicle configuration solution out there. In a 1st for Groupe PSA, a real-time car model would be used, that would allow visitors to configure the vehicle to their liking in a personalized web environment.


Great partnerships produce incredible products, and the same can be said for this PSA / 3DEXCITE collaboration. The final experience is responsive and mobile-friendly, giving consumers the ease of customization they crave. Changing colors and options is a snap, as well as transitioning from exterior to interior views of the car. This online experience, with its bold expansion of the customer journey, builds upon Citroën’s goal, of providing “a new vision of urban mobility”