Batz is a leading manufacturer specializing in dies and stamping systems for the automotive industry.

With 3DEXPERIENCE, we gained fast access to data, reduced production times and costs, improved product quality and go-to-market.

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Jose Ángel Fernández Gutiérrez
PLM Manager, Batz S. Coop


Batz wanted to achieve greater process agility and control to increase the quality of the different parts it manufactures, and reduce time to market. The company needed a PLM system with comprehensive project management to share information in real time with its customers and suppliers.


Batz selected the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for its ability to handle all manufacturing processes generated for a wide range of products, from document management to CAD and bill of materials management.


Batz has securely accelerated its time to market, while improving the quality of its products. Thanks to the agility of the 3DEXPERIENCE, process stakeholders can exchange and share information in real time both internally and externally.

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