Audi A8L Visualizer

Aesthetic vehicle choices


The Audi brand is synonymous with style, innovation and power. As more customers go online to research large purchase decisions before they buy, Audi wanted to ensure their core values were felt by online guests through engaging, high fidelity A8 L and A7 SB configurable movies that attract potential customers and create a lasting impression.


We created stunning visual movies that showcase key features of the aesthetic vehicles including basic configuration options. The movies begin with a driver’s side close-up of the front of the luxury vehicles, highlighting both the guest’s choices in vehicle color and wheel style. Next, guests are treated to a tour of the vehicle’s additional features, such as: panoramic sunroof, intricate LED lights, built-in entertainment system, high-end massage seats and more.


Guests of the Audi A8 L and A7 SB landing pages are enticed by the movies to remain on the site longer and casually explore the vehicles’ features in gorgeous environmental settings. Our powerful and cost-saving CG workflow provided creative possibilities that are either not possible in a live shoot setting, or are more expensive and less flexible. The A8 L and A7 SB visualizer movies provide photorealistic, configurable experiences that powerfully connect the Audi brand with its guests and encourage further purchase consideration.